The Art of Aidan Walsh



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Welcome to the website of Irish artist Aidan Walsh. I live and paint near County Wicklow "The garden of Ireland" where the changing seasons and dramatic landscapes inspire my paintings. I have been an enthusiastic self taught artist since I was a child, and I have used a range of mediums in my art, everything from watercolour and oils to digital. My preferred medium is oils. I have always painted, mostly for my own pleasure, or as commissions. However over the past number years or so I have been devoting an ever increasing amount of time to my painting and I have started to exhibit my work on a more regular basis.

In my paintings I attempt to capture something of the vibrancy of the landscape and the connection between the culture and music and the land. I spend a great deal of time walking Wicklow's mountains and coasts, where the rapid changes in weather and colour constantly compel me to pick up a brush and try to convey something of the ongoing drama of the Irish landscape. The stone circles and ancient monuments resonate with a drama all of their own, and it is my experience of the energy and mystery of these sacred spaces that inspires me to attempt to evoke something of their Spirit in my paintings.